A manhunt is underway in Colorado for a man accused of killing three people and leaving another in critical condition over a property dispute.

Hanme K. Clark, 45, allegedly opened fire on the four victims in a wooded area near Rocky Ridge Road outside of Westville, at around 1 p.m. on Monday.

Two men and one woman were shot and killed before Custer County Sheriff’s Office deputies arrived on the scene, the department said, and a fourth victim — another woman — was airlifted to Colorado Springs, then sent to Denver in critical condition after taking “multiple” bullets to the chest.

She is expected to survive, the sheriff’s office says.

Each victim was shot multiple times, authorities say, and at least one of the victims had “been in previous civil disputes about property lines” with Clark in the past.

It is unclear how many people were involved in the property dispute, but a land surveyor was also at the scene and was able to run to safety, according to KOAA.

Hanme K. Clark, 45, is on the run after allegedly shooting four people in a property dispute.
Custer County Sheriff’s Office

Following the shooting, a shelter-in-place order was put into effect as several law enforcement agencies — including state police and a local SWAT team were engaged in a stand-off with Clark, who somehow managed to slip through police lines and escape in a white Dodge Ram 1500 pickup truck.

The shelter-in-place order was rescinded around 8:15 p.m. as law enforcement works to track down the suspect — whom they believe is now in another city.

“We have a very good lead on almost exactly where the suspect and the vehicle are, and we’re working with another law enforcement agency to take him into custody,” a spokesperson for the Custer County Sheriff’s Office said at a news conference.

Two men and one woman were shot and killed before Custer County Sheriff’s Office deputies arrived on the scene of Rocky Ridge Road, outside of Westville, Colorado on Monday.
Police said Clark and at least one of the victims have been involved in property disputes in the past.

In the meantime, anyone who sees Clark or the vehicle — which has a camper shell on top and a Colorado license plate reading “BHLK27” — are warned not to approach him.

Chaffee County police, who are aiding in the search, have described Clark as 6’3” with brown hair and brown eyes, weighing roughly 200 pounds.

He may be accompanied by a woman, though police did not describe her appearance or her relationship to Clark.

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