For SoFlo locals like us who don’t get to see leaves changing or snow, we have to settle for watching it on the big screen … which is not that bad, especially with this week’s films.

In fact, you get a nice mix of movies hitting the box office this weekend, like a guy named Snow and a murderer who gets a kick out of cooking turkey. So, if you’re ready, here you go — and insert Showtime.

From the song “The Hanging Tree”: “Where I told you to run. So we’d both be free.”

To have freedom is the struggle in “The Hunger Games: The Ballad of Songbirds & Snakes.”

The film is set 64 years before the franchise’s trilogy, and it answers the question, “Why is President Snow such a meanie?”

Tom Blyth: “Audiences will be very grateful to get a glimpse into the kind of origin of what made the Hunger Games what they are.”

Oscar Kightley (as Tavita): “All we want is one goal, one goal.”

[Player misses goal.]

Michael Fassbender (as Thomas Rongen): “C’mon, guys!”

The Pacific island setting of “Next Goal Wins” is dreamy, and the story is dreamy, too — full of dreams to score one soccer goal.

Based on the true story of one of sports’ greatest losing streaks and how the team turned it all around. Intimidation was one strategy.

Taika Waititi: “Call it a war dance, which is kind of accurate. But it’s used in very many different situations.”

It’s time for a slasher movie! “Thanksgiving” is the perfect marinade for one killer.

This body-chopping maniac terrorizes the people of Plymouth, Massachusetts, where Turkey Day began. If you like blood served with your stuffing, director Eli Roth says this might be your jam.

Eli Roth: “My best friend Jeff and I would just sit around and think of ideas for this movie, because there was no Thanksgiving slasher film. Every holiday was taken.”

Paul Rhys (as Duncan): “Lots of people get lost in Saltburn.”

[Glass breaks.]

Rosamund Pike (as Elspeth Catton): “Oh, that’s just giving me goose bumps.”

Being invited to a rich family’s mansion seems like a good deal for a college student. “Saltburn,” a psychological thriller will make you think not … because suddenly, the aristocratic vibe turns dark and trippy.

Daveed Diggs (as Spruce, voice): “My exquisitely chiseled rock hard abs and I quit.”

Troye Sivan (as Floyd, voice): “Branch, we’re out of sync. We’ve gone from boys to men, and now there’s only one direction for us to go: the back streets.”

Aww! Poor Baby Branch left all alone by his bandmates. No worries — “Trolls Band Together” is reuniting him with his lost bros years later. Let’s see if they’re the troll zaddies we want them to be.

Eric André (as John Dory, voice): “We still got it.”

Anna Kendrick (as Queen Poppy, voice): “Looks like your band days aren’t behind you. Rrrr.”

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